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Hand holding up a University of Rochester ID card with the name crossed out.

The specter of deadnames

Oct 16 2022

If UR implemented a policy of utilizing preferred names wherever legal names are not necessary, it would improve the quality of life of transgender students, with no downsides for others.

A man in a lab coat handling a glass tube with green, burning liquid.

A more engaging way to teach science

Oct 31, 2021

The incorrect notion of a sudden Scientific Revolution discourages future scientists.

A robot wearing a safety vest.

Disaster prevention lessons from AI

Oct 25, 2020

Disaster narratives remind us that, especially in times like this, we shouldn’t forget the potential for other disasters.

Computer code which reads: No such file or directory: 'creative projects'.

Computer science education needs a reboot

Oct 5, 2020

What we need is the best of both worlds: a college CS curriculum that incorporates the tactics of coding boot camps.