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Adult Survival #2: Offline Tools > Desktop Web Apps > Web Browser > Mobile Apps

Oct 03, 2023

If you're as prone to addictions as I am, then you've certainly spent many days and nights doomscrolling or going on an online research spree.

The second survival strategy is to follow the flowchart: offline tools > online desktop apps > web browser > mobile apps.

Mobile apps are the worst since they are meticulously designed to maximize eyeball hours and minimize barrier to spending money. Only use if necessary for survival.

Web browsers promote a bit more intentionality, but it is still very easy to fall into a rabbit hole of Youtube binges or online research sprees. Minimize time spent on a general-purpose web browser at all costs. Do NOT open up a web browser first thing in the morning.

I even uninstall my web browser during long focus sessions, then reinstall later. This is easy on Linux, but not on Windows or macOS.

Desktop wrappers for web apps are a bit better, since they do not allow you to open up any website instantly. Here are some examples:

If a web app doesn't have a pre-existing desktop wrapper, then you can create one using tools like Webapp Manager or WebCatalog. Web apps created in this manner are still a web browser under the hood, but they hide UI elements that make it super easy to jump to any website.

Entirely offline alternatives are even better than desktop apps that still need some internet connection. These apps allow me to go completely offline. Here are some suggestions: