Jiwon's Alcove

Adult Survival #3: There Are No Rules

Oct 04, 2023

The third survival tip is the notion that there are no rules. You're the adult now. You make your own rules. You're now old enough to be part of the rules-making process.

All rules that you grew up with? Someone just, like, came up with it. Everyone's figuring things out as they go, quite often via trial and error.

So you can let go of the rules that you grew up with. You can stop doing the things that you do just because you think you're supposed to. (Within legality, blah blah.)

You don't have to fold the laundry.

You don't have to eat breakfast every day.

You don't have to follow arbitrary traditions.

You don't have to engage in elaborate social rituals.

It's okay, let them go. You might feel freer.