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My Favorite Quotes

Jan 02, 2024

Adult Survival #4: Separate Digital and Analog Workspace

Nov 18, 2023

Adult Survival #3: There Are No Rules

Oct 04, 2023

Adult Survival #2: Offline Tools > Desktop Web Apps > Web Browser > Mobile Apps

Oct 03, 2023

Adult Survival #1: Tie Small Things to Big Things

Oct 02, 2023

The Rules of Lazy Note-Taking

Aug 21, 2023

The Two Coupons, Generic Quota Coupon Collector's Problem

Jul 7, 2023

Analog is Still King

Apr 28, 2023

My Academic Knowledge Management Setup

Mar 27, 2023
The concept of a PKM isn't inherently life-saving nor terrible. It's just a tool that could be useful.

Is Technology or Morality Foundational?

Feb 27, 2023
In other words, technology is more foundational than moral frameworks.

Jamming to Musicians I Like for their Poetic Lyrics

Feb 18, 2023
This is the post in which I vibe to the lyricism of my favorite songs and artists.

On Old Things

Feb 17, 2023
Using old things gives me a feeling of contentment, of true ownership and understanding how the object works.

No Optional Websites: Month 1 Update

Feb 16, 2023
It's been a month and the experiment was largely a failure.

A Few Lessons from Undergrad

Feb 12, 2023
I just got my bachelor's degree, so I wrote a listicle about it.

Two Years of Living Without

Jan 13, 2023
Limitations bring creativity, after all.

The Unbearable Melancholy of the Dead Internet

Jan 6, 2023
Do you know that your embarassing creations meant a lot to me?
Document icons with popular file formats.

The Flat File Lifestyle

Dec 28, 2022
Over the years, I've grown increasingly wary of using any application that stores its data in a nonstandard format or in a relational database.
Streaming service Nebula running as a web app on the Steam Deck.

Using Web Apps on the Steam Deck's Gaming Mode

Dec 12, 2022
For this reason, turning a website into a desktop "app" with Chromium and adding it to Steam as a non-Steam game is the best solution.
Hand holding up an ereader.

Single-Purpose Smart Devices

Nov 11, 2022
By turning my phone, tablet, and gaming console into single-purposes machines, I feel less cluttered and distracted than before.
Clusters of weighted nodes in a social network graph.

User-Controlled Recommender Systems

Aug 4, 2022
So what if we just...gave users more control over recommender systems?
Four people's arms of different races holding each other in a grid.

Why Should I Bother?

Aug 2, 2022
Yet, even in my worst days where I don't see the point of it all, one thing makes me move: a friend in need.
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt giving a TED talk.

The Freedom of Unpopularity

Apr 1, 2020
One of the best decisions I made in creating this blog was to not chase a readership.
Hand holding up a phone with Instagram on it.

A Minimal Online Presence

Oct 20, 2019
I feel like there is an instinctual and incessant urge to publicize everything on the internet ingrained onto us.
Scene from the film Fourth Place in which a swimming coach is hitting a boy with a broom.

The Beauty in Mediocrity

Aug 16, 2019
Perhaps we should choose to appreciate a more abundant fact of live - mediocrity.
Plant in a glass jar in a corner in an otherwise white, minimal backdrop.

Accidental Environmentalism in Minimalism

May 19, 2019
At the very least, it is clear that the developed world needs to drastically change its consumption habits, one Konmari fan at a time.
A small, white flower, photographed on an iPhone.

The Joy of Nature-Watching in our Technocentric Lives

Apr 26, 2019
Few activities brought me more joy than the simple act of observing and photographing wildlife in their natural habitat.
My gaming setup with a MacBook and an external graphics card.

6 Minimalist Gaming Setup Ideas

Apr 18, 2019
New and exciting emerging technologies allow us to pack performance into an increasingly small footprint.
A woman covering her face with a book.

How I Finally Made Reading Into a Habit

Apr 15, 2019
Here is my simple solution: hack your phone.